Govt Plans to Lease Out Secunderabad Railway Land for Private Developers

The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA), a legal authority under the Ministry of Railways, Indian Government, is responsible for the commercial development of vacant railway land. It has developed plans to offer 99-year leasehold rights to railway land for residential and commercial development near Secunderabad Railway Station.

Plans of Secunderabad Railway Land Development Authority

The RLDA taking a leaf out of other government agencies to generate revenue, in a move that could stir a hornet's nest, has agreed to lease its prime land in Secunderabad for private players to develop. Although railways believe it would ride on the "look east" policy of the Government and stimulate more growth in the eastern parts of the city, unbelievers are asking private developers to lease valuable railway property.

The railway land lease will be for up to 99 years. Senior South Central Railway officials said it would be a win-win situation for both rail and private developers. "In addition to revenue from the railways, some colonies and dilapidated buildings will be renovated.

Proposed Land Measures

The officials said that although RLDA listed around half a dozen sites for commercial leasing, land plots in Mettuguda, Rifle Range Colony, and Chilkalguda were selected for new growth. Plots in Moulali are in 37 acres, five acres of land in the Uppal bus stand and Secunderabad, four acres of land in Rail Kalyan, and IRISET 15 acres land will soon be available for grabs.

RLDA accepted offers for the construction of railway land on the Rifle range between Rail Nilayam and Chilkalguda. Land available is 7.35 acres, and the developer will fund 352 residential and commercial offices in 4.69 acres of compulsory rail infrastructure, and they can use 2.66 acres of land. The whole 9.32 acres would be given for development in Chilkalguda area. The fixed rental premium for a developer is Rs 50 crore. They'll have to complete the construction of the area in four years.

In October of this year, RLDA launched its plans by giving two acres in Mettuguda. Officials say in the eastern corridor in Secunderabad they are on the right path with an economic and commercial spurt. By handing over two acres at Mettuguda in October this year, the RLDA unveiled its plans. They are said to be on the right track with a boom of economic and commercial activity in Secunderabad eastern corridor. The planned railway lands generate a huge commercial use opportunity, with the Mettuguda metro station in the neighbourhood providing easy access yet another benefit.

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By: Shailaja K