Hyderabad companies extend work-from-home option

Hyderabad companies extend work-from-home option

After working from home for over a year, Hyderabad-based MNC employees were planning to get back to normal office mode. However, given the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, this seems to be an unlikely scenario, at least for now. 

Work-life balance:

As per media reports, the decision of MNCs to continue with work from home seems to have generated a bittersweet reaction among the employees. While most have welcomed to move, others complain that work from home has upended their work-life balance, with many companies asking their employees to be available 24x7. 

Speaking to a leading Telangana-based newspaper, Shivani Yasaswi Chaganti said, “I was happy when the vaccination drive started, as I felt that I would go back to the workplace. But my hope seemed short-lived.” Others complain that remote working has narrowed the gap between work life and personal life, with many struggling to maintain work-life balance. 

According to a survey conducted by Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association, the work from the home model will continue well beyond 2021, with several companies reporting high productivity levels (with a few reporting as high as 100% productivity levels). Experts suggest that this work from the model can have far-reaching consequences when it comes to real estate. The office rental market can shrink, while demand for larger 2BHK houses for sale in Hyderabad may increase.  

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