New Oxygen Park Coming Up in LB Nagar to Protect Atmosphere

New Oxygen Park Coming Up in LB Nagar to Protect Atmosphere

In the LB Nagar Assembly Constituency, the construction of Oxygen Park is in process. It is expected that by December this year. The planned park will be built under a new flyover near the Kamineni Hospital Chowrasta.

Upcoming Oxygen Park in LB Nagar

LB Nagar, Mr Sudheer Reddy,  a member of assembly declared about the upcoming proposed park during International Day for Preservation of an Ozone Layer event coordinated by Vijaya Goud, TRS Mahila President, Kothapet, in association with Signature Branding and Events at Satya Nagar Community Hall Kothapet. 

Reddy said the LB Nagar constituency has the highest number of parks and community parks in the country. The proposed Oxygen Park would consist of a variety of plants which release large amounts of oxygen and are identified by the global agencies. It will also have a seating arrangement and walking track so that people can have more oxygen. 

The people need more oxygen, and the atmosphere requires a reduction in pollution; hence only plants can help us secure this goal.  The safe and protected atmosphere is the only gift we can give to the next generation. 

With a wide variety of plantations and greenery, the upcoming park in LB Nagar would help the residents of the area to live a happy and healthy life.

By: Shailaja K