Protests Raise to Save Neknampur Lake From Becoming a Dumping Yard

Going ballistic over the situation of the 450-year-old Neknampur lake at the perceived apathy of civic authorities, environmentalists protested over the debris being discarded in the lake over the weekend. Rajashekar, the Mandal Revenue Officer of Gandipet, stated that a case was filed against three private individuals that were necessary for conducting illegal activities. He added that officials that are responsible for showing negligence in this issue would also be prosecuted.

Locals claimed that an acre of land was filled during the weekend. In speaking of the uphill task faced by her, Madhulika Choudhary, founder of the NGO Dhruvansh, stated that the saplings on Neknampur lake deteriorated since the debris has overflowed into the lake. She added, the action against alleged predators is a positive development and said that the lukewarm response of irrigation and income departments has been accountable for discrimination. 

To Rejunevate the Neknampur lake, it has been added to the water body for its' floating treatment wetland' was initiated to purify it. The Neknampur floating treatment wetland was expected to remove the high phosphorus and nitrogen content in the sewage water that reaches the lake, rendering the lake much healthier to sustain aquatic life. But, with the dumping still continuing, the purification was not yet reached its satisfactory results.

Bygone Issues of Neknampur Lake

In the past, the Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) reported that dumping waste in and around the lake is an old daily problem. Once complaints have been received from local people and activists that a food supply franchisee, that as a Neknampur retail grocery store, has converted the lake into a floating dump yard. 

With the Nekampur lake already been deposited at least 100 kg of foodstuffs, earlier, the activists have collected the garbage and filed a petition against the act at Narsingi Police Station. Responding to the situation, officers of the pollution control body have inspected the lake and said that if the crime happens again, they will act strictly.

Neknampur Lake was once a potable water store that was not just converted into a dumping yard and also became a spot where misbelievers drank and disturbance generated in the field around the lake premises. This has been threatening for the life of the reptiles and others who rely on the water. Recently, the irrigation department had fenced a significant portion of the lake. But, they were also brought down by some trespassers and still continued with dumping the debris endangering the local python population and lizards.

While environmentalists were already struggling to control pollution due to the lack of a clamp around the lake. They fear that this practice of dumping waste will damage the restoration work, which has been in place in Neknampur lake for the last few years. It’s been said around 2,500 trees and 500 saplings died earlier this year, causing an endangering situation for the plant life.

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By Govi