Speed breakers cause chronic spinal issues

Hyderabad city is expanding at its full swing. But, the newly developed residential and commercial have increased the speedy bumps on the road.

Created as per standards prescribed by the Indian Road Congress, the speed breakers caused chronic spinal issues.

A speed breaker must allow enough slope for the vehicle to be able to climb and get off easily.

GHMC officials are getting rid of their responsibility saying the speed bumps are illegal and not created by the corporation.

“As per the IRC guidelines, speed breakers should be at least six feet in their spread, with gradual incline and decline. They should be painted, with signboards on both sides indicating the presence of a bump,” said a senior Engineering official from GHMC.

Now GHMC has shifted their focus from speed bumps to rumble strips. Rumble strips are a series of small, raised barriers, which have a speed smoothing effect on the vehicles, rather than overthrowing them over.

Illegal speed bumps are a punishable act under GHMC Act, as they come under vandalism of public property. Still, no action is taken by the authorities worried about protests and complaints by colony residents and corporators.