Telangana Dharani Portal Offering Expected Benefits - Chief Minister

Telangana Dharani Portal Offering Expected Benefits - Chief Minister

On Thursday, 31st Dec Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said that the Dharani platform had been launched to ensure that farmers do not face any problems while selling, buying, registering and receiving agricultural land mutations, providing the desired results.

Dharani Granting Best Output

Representing his satisfaction, the CM stated that, without bribing anybody, using any power or running around the offices, farmers could do registrations, sales & purchase and mutations within minutes. The CM said 1.6 lakh slots booked in the two months, and of them, 80,000 have already completed their registrations.

The CM stated that 90% of farmers possess less than 5 acres of land in the state, and the government's goal is to ensure that these farmers can register their land and mutations without any issues.

Even if there were any difficulties with the agricultural property, they would be solved by the District Collectors in 2 months. Also, there will be more options for the Dharani portal, and more changes will be made to it.

The CM organized a high-level review meeting with top officials on the Dharani Portal management and steps to enhance its efficiency. He instructed officials to offer and improve the Dharani portal with more options. He also guided them to work out on issues related to dharani portal.

By: Shailaja K