Telangana Government Implemented New Revenue Act in Assembly

With a big step towards the implementation of the New Tax Act to revamp the Telangana Revenue structure, the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday 9th Sept 2020 introduced the new Revenue Bill, which he calls Telangana Rights in Lands and Pattadar Transfer Books Bill 2020.

The Government stated that the purpose of the new Act is to provide people with transparency and corruption-free land services and property documents. It will make land transactions transparent and ensure that no official work is carried out about corruption. The new act's ultimate strategy is to pursue revolutionary reforms in land administration.

Key Points of Proposed New Revenue Act 

  • The newly created Dharani portal will digitise and survey every inch of the property so that one person is not able to encroach the lands of others.
  • All lands or property details will be accessible online and will also avoid illegal transactions.
  • The multiple servers at many locations will be developed as part of a backup mechanism and disaster management technologies for the stability and security of the Dharani portal. 
  • The new law abolished the discretionary power of the officers to register the land and property. 
  • A total of 590 tehsildars will act as joint registrars in the state and also concurrently register and mutate agricultural land.  
  • The existing 141 sub-registrars will register and convert non-agricultural land.
  • The whole registration process is digitally carried out, the entire registration process will be completed within an hour of uploading documentation and updated in real-time.
  • The certificates such as encumbrance certificates, income certificates or caste certificates can be downloaded directly from the portal. 
  • To avoid conflict when deciding on legal heirs of properties, the Government also planned the incorporation of family tree information in portals from each household. 
  • Now there will be no revenue courts and that all tehsildar magisterial authorities, revenue division officers, and collectors are withdrawn to deal with the land disputes.
  • If there is some conflict over any property, people have to go to civil courts and will be settled by fast-track tribunals.

The new revenue act in Telangana will help in eliminating corruption and provide hassle-free service to farmers and general people.

By: Shailaja K