Telangana Special Drive to Complete Pending Mutations for Land Transactions

The State government had planned to complete pending land transactions related to agriculture, before the launch of the Dharani Portal. In the last week of November or December first week, the authorities concerned will present the proposal to the State government, seeking to begin the special move.

In the past few months, the applications for the agricultural mutation have accumulated at Tahsildars' offices due to Covid-19 pandemic and other administrative barriers. The Department of Agriculture sources stated that almost two lakhs applications were pending with the Department of Revenue. However, the authorities could no longer calculate exact numbers of applications pending for mutations.

Since the launch of the Dharani portal, the authorities have become imperative to speed up transformation and record changes to the ownership of the land. With Dharani's launch in revenue authorities, a special effort is proposed to clear all outstanding transactions. The officials also advised that landowners may apply once again for property transfer if they have not finished with the process to upload the information on the Dharani website.

New Dharani Eased Property Mutation Process

Dharani website provides the option of performing pending mutations separately for registered properties. After this step, revenue department officials are seeking government approval to carry out the special drive.

In all legal transactions involving property, the mutation of property is a mandatory process. The new Owner obtains revenue records on his or her name via a mutation of a property. Once the property has been mutated, the government records held by local agencies and the revenue department will update this information. The mutation document can be used to display the ownership of specific land and to determine tax liabilities on it.

The mutation process was a lengthy affair, as the new Owner had to apply separately for land transfer with the revenue authorities after the property registration and the collection of the registration documents.

It took the landowner at least 45 days to get his land put into government records after obtaining a slot. Landowners were forced to make rounds at least five-six times in this regard of Mandal Revenue Offices. Now, the new Dharani's website simplified the procedure by 20-30 minutes for land registration, mutation and transition.

Also, revenue officials are planning to introduce the option of obtaining a charge certificate via Dharani website as well as introducing options for mutations. Additional services and modules such as mortgage deeds, the bank's module and the NALA module are under development.

Listed Transactions 

Agriculture transactions have significantly increased within one week of the launch of the Dharani portal On the first day of Dharani, 2 November only 507 registrations were completed. However, the number of transactions grew steadily and reached 2,285.

From last week, a total of 8,488 registrations were completed, and Rs 186 crore was collected. 556 registrations were completed in the district of Kamareddy, followed by 551 registrations for Medak and 463 registrations for Ranga Reddy. Around 75.7 lakh hits and 44,393 sign-ups have been recorded in Dharani Website. Altogether 14,546 slots have been booked on the registration website.

By: Shailaja K