Process of Land Registrations in Telangana Eased by New Dharani Portal

Process of Land Registrations in Telangana Eased by New Dharani Portal

Many of those who were disrupted with the process of land registration due to the discomfort of the lengthy process believes that Dharani would be a boon for everyone in the State.

People who had maintained rounds o the offices of a sub-registrar for months to register, transform, collect passbooks and other documents are delighted that the work is now done by Dharani, the one-stop Portal for all land transactions.

The first process of the platform on all agricultural land transactions took place on 2 November. People are happy that transactions through the Portal save both valuable time and money, in addition to being stress-free.

List of Recorded Transactions in Dharani

In conducting out agricultural property registrations, the much-applauded Dharani portal completes 4,525 transactions as it accomplished on Friday, 6 November By means of these registrations the State Government received around 10.77 crore revenue. Since the Portal went live on 2 November, property registrations reported steady progress.

  • Monday - 490
  • Tuesday- 523
  • Wednesday - 870
  • Thursday - 1170
  • Friday - 1472
  • In addition, 63.63 lakh hits and 38,132 signups were received.

Officials have announced that registrations and revenues have gradually increased. They mentioned that the purpose of the Dharani portal was to add new features and to make land registrations more effective and more transparent. Additional services and modules such as mortgage deeds, a bank module and NALA module are under progress.

New Dharani Hassle-free Services Boon to go for Gift Deeds

The launch of the Dharani portal seems to have helped families separate property into different names, which is a simple and bribe free affair under the State government's innovative scheme to manage the properties.

For instance, residents of Kesamudram in the district got two acres of land registered through Dharani at their mandal office without paying a rupee more than the prescribed fee. The resident stated that it was a gift deed registration, and the entire process was completed in just 20 minutes.

A senior official said that, after booking registration slots, many people are approaching the Tahsildar offices, mostly gift deeds. For various purposes, people wanted to divide their properties between their family members. 

The government introduced hassle-free and transparent system would help many to fulfil their dream of having some land on their name

By: Shailaja K