The Government of Telangana Clarifies the Dharani Issues to the High Court

The Government of Telangana Clarifies the Dharani Issues to the High Court

The Dharani portal matter has been adjourned to Thursday by a two-judge bench of the Telangana High Court, comprising RS Chauhan and Justice B Vijaysen Reddy. The panel heard a batch of written pleas on the government's legality requiring land registration on the Dharani portal. The board is investigating the insistence on the particulars of the Aadhaar pass, caste, and family members of the owner of the non-agricultural property in Dharani.

The Advocate General claimed that a subcommittee had been set up to rethink the issue. The panel pointed out before the court, the government had previously assured that the state government would not insist on submitting the Aadhaar card or caste's family members' information. When the undertaking was before the court, the panel observed that they should not ask for the same thing while adjourning the matter to Thursday. It allowed the Attorney General to file, to that effect, an affidavit.

MLA's Citizenship Row

Justice Challa Kodandaram expressed disappointment with the Ministry of Interior for its failure to file an affidavit about the Vemulawada MLA Chennamaneni Ramesh Citizenship Case. Although the court ordered the Union Government to file an affidavit demanding information from the Indian Embassy, Germany, concerning the petitioner's citizenship data, the same was not filed in court.

The Union government has refused to comply with the said order for the second time. The Union instead filed a memo stating that the claimant already had legal citizenship in Germany. The judge commented: "What are you good at if you can't get the embassy's required information," referring to the officials. The judge adjourned the case to 20 January, offering a final opportunity to present the affidavit by collecting information from the embassy.