Things to keep in Mind Before Investing in HMDA Plotting Project

Things to keep in Mind Before Investing in HMDA Plotting Project

With government initiatives and infrastructure developments, Hyderabad is growing rapidly, and a lot of investment is happening across various parts of the city. While purchasing a plotting project in Hyderabad, many buyers are unaware of the approvals and the process of checking the legality. If you are planning to buy HMDA approved plots near ORR limits in Hyderabad, you have to verify the below details to avoid future risks.

Checklist for Buyers Before Buying HMDA Plots

HMDA approval details and RERA registration number are the basic things that need to be checked before buying a plotted development. RERA ensures and gives a shield to a buyer as the plots are approved. One can check the required approvals on the RERA site also. The government advises one should buy plotted development from developers who have approved layouts. 

Verifying Layout Approval Status 

If the layout plot is registered with TS RERA under the section of RERA Act 2016 and has registration number means the project has the relevant approvals. All prospective buyers need to be very cautious while investing their hard-earned money. You have to first identify the layout must be necessarily approved by HMDA under section 19 and 20 of HMDA Act 2008. 

Many buyers, in order to save some money, tend to invest in unapproved layouts, which can be risky. HMDA plots for sale in such unauthorised layout automatically makes it an unauthorised one and liable for auction under section 23 of HMDA act 2008, treating them as illegal layout plots. 

Facilities to Check Before Owning HMDA Approved Layout in Hyderabad

  • Minimum width of the road
  • Open Spaces
  • Utility connections
  • Infrastructure 
  • Surrounding Greenery
  • Space for recreational facilities

Therefore, before buying a plot buyers have to verify the necessary details of the layout. All genuine details of layout approvals are incorporated in the websites of HMDA, facilitating the buyers to verify facts and take steps accordingly.

By: Shailaja K