TREDA Property Show in Hyderabad 2018

All You Wanted to Know About TREDA Property Show

The Telangana Real Estate Developers’ Association (TREDA) constitutes a group of builders and real estate developers in Telangana.

What is TREDA?

TREDA (part of APREDA before the state bifurcation in 2014) is part of the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO).

It is a council with representatives from government, real estate developers, and other stakeholders of the real estate sector.

TREDA guides, mentors, and supports its members and encourages a sustainable real estate development in the Telangana region.

Some of TREDA’s initiatives include creating a common platform for its members to share and learn the best practices.

TREDA initiates interaction and open communication with the relevant government authorities. It represents the real estate sector in various programmers and initiatives organized by the government.

TREDA puts forth the interest of the members in front of the relevant authorities. It supports government-sponsored initiatives to develop and maintain the residential and commercial real estate sector. 

What are the Objectives of TREDA?

The objectives of TREDA are as follows:

  • To get approvals and clearances from the government to purchase, transfer, and develop lands.
  • To get permission to construct townships and houses on behalf of the real estate developers in Telangana.
  • To put forth the problems faced by real estate developers to the government.
  • To lead the members and encourage them to work towards a common goal of providing excellent services to consumers.

TREDA organizes TREDA Property Expo every year.  The 9th TREDA Property Expo will begin from 2 Nov 2018 to 4 Nov 2018 at the HITEX exhibition grounds.

The widely advertised show attracts many visitors. The real estate developers and promoters organize the exhibition. The stalls advertise new products, technology offerings, residential properties, building products, services and products related to the home.

According to TREDA website, the real estate developers, builders and developers, technology developers, and banks are expected to set up 164 stalls this year.

There are offers, discounts, and prizes given at the venue. You can also avail loans from banks or financial institutions at the property show.

For more details, visit TREDA Property Show.

Advantages of TREDA

The advantages of TREDA’s Property Show are as follows:

For buyers:

  • You will get an overview of projects with full details such as price, amenities, location, and so on.
  • The developers offer competitive pricing on projects at the property show. Therefore, if you are satisfied enough to shortlist any project, you get instant offers and discounts.
  • Moreover, the banks set up stalls to process and issue housing loans at attractive rates at the venue.
  • You can gather and collect information at a property show without physically visiting every project site. You can shortlist projects that you want to visit later.
  • Avail exclusive offers at the property show.

For real estate developers:

  • A way to connect with prospective customers.
  • Display their ongoing and future projects.
  • An excellent way to market your projects.
  • TREDA’s property show has a huge turnout. Therefore, you can find investors and buyers easily.
  • The demand for the residential real estate is always on the rise. Therefore, many people prefer to attend the property shows to assess properties.

What to Expect From Property Shows?

Property shows are an excellent way to find your dream home. They are well-attended by both buyers and sellers. You can expect to get an idea about the current trends in the real estate sector.

If you want to attend a property show, these are the few things to keep in mind to make the most of it:

  • You can expect it to be crowded on weekends or holidays. Therefore, choose a time of day where you can move around the exhibition without too much of a hindrance.
  • Prepare questions to ask the representatives at the stalls.
  • Collect brochures of projects you are interested in.
  • If you like a project, plan a site visit on another day. Try to get information about other projects in that area.
  • Compare projects, amenities, offers, and so on.
  • Look for offers available specifically at the event and evaluate them.
  • Check the map and mark the stalls you want to visit. It will save you time.
  • You will get a lot of information. Make a note of stuff you want to evaluate later in a notepad.
  • Also, keep in mind that you might not see the stalls of all projects available in a particular area. Therefore, research more before you finalize a project.
  • You will interact with other buyers at the property show.
  • You will also find bank employees offering home loans at attractive interest rates.

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By: Lotus Tech