Benefits of Using Property Adviser

property adviser is india’s first property directory. it lists under construction and ready to move residential houses for sale in hyderabad.

the benefits of using property adviser are as follows:

verified information

if you want to buy a house and want to shortlist properties, what do you do?

do you search for the property online or offline based on specific criteria such as cost, location, family requirements, lifestyle, and so on?

however, in most cases, the resources available don’t have the complete information to decide or even shortlist.

property adviser is different. we visit,  verify and display all the projects that are under construction or ready to move in hyderabad. we understand your needs and collect information that is relevant for making an informed choice.

our data collection team representative visits the project in hyderabad. the team collects, verifies the project details and submits to the data analysis team. the data analysis team displays the project details on

so, how do we do this?

we visit every project to find out about cost, location, amenities, date of possession, and so on. we also click photos that show the stage of construction of the property. we upload all the details on our website.

you get detailed and verified information that helps you to shortlist properties from the comfort of your home.

unbiased information

our data collection, validation and verification process is transparent. we don’t get paid by the builders to get their projects listed on our website. our data collection process ensures that you get unbiased information.

also, we understand your needs and have built-in features on our website that make your life easy.

for example, filter page, smart search, compare properties page, and so on. find out more about our features and how they help you here.

monthly updates

we track the projects that are under construction and find out the stages of completion. we visit the projects monthly to find out about the price increase/ decrease, availability, offers, discounts, and so on.

we click photos every month and update the project page on our website.

if you have shortlisted the project, we send notification by email and sms.

therefore, you can track the project you are interested in before you can buy.

when you register at, you will get to know the historical price changes as well as gain access to historical photos that show the materials used in construction, amenities available, and so on.

real estate articles

the real estate articles give a detailed description of the project, developing infrastructure, describes amenities, and covers news articles that are relevant to the real estate sector.

for example, the property registration process, how to take a bank loan from sbi, and so on.

smart features

favourites option, smart search, comparison of project, area analysis, save a search, and so on are some of the features that will help you save time and effort while searching for houses.

visit and register for free to know more about us.

by: lotus tech