Difference between Property Adviser and Other Property Portals

we display information from all the projects (under construction and ready to occupy) in more than 140 areas.

we have listed more than 2200 projects on our website.

we have added more than 15000 updates to the projects on our website.

we have more than 12000 registered users, growing at a rate of 30% to 40% per month.

so, what do we do?

we are property adviser,  a property directory that tracks residential construction activity in hyderabad.

how do we get so much information?

our team visits every project that is under construction or ready to move and gets information.

then, our data analysis team verifies, analyses the information they collect and publish on the website. as a registered user, you can search, filter, save your search, compare properties, visit area pages, and so on.

so, how do we do this?

we have a dedicated team that visits the projects every month. we collect the information, offers, and click photos. we update the progress photos, materials used, and amenities of each project periodically.

you get all the information about the project on one page. you don’t have to search many pages to find what you need.

you get notifications via email and sms whenever there are monthly updates such as price changes, availability, offers, and so on.

our dashboard is intuitive and is built to help you narrow down your search quickly. you can add projects to your favorites, save your search, compare properties, and so on.

our rigorous data quality checks ensure that there are no duplicate projects. therefore, you save time.

we don’t get paid by builders to post their projects on our website.  therefore, we cover every project in hyderabad.

you can check historical prices and photos of all the projects to understand the price trends. it also helps you know how much progress was made till now.

we publish news articles that explain the project information, updates on availability of units, stage of completion, amenities, and ghmc approvals.

we also publish electronic paper monthly that tells you about the latest trends in the real estate sector and gives you current availability, prices, and information about the projects.

property adviser is a property directory. we track the residential construction activity in hyderabad. property advisers aim to provide information that is reliable and accurate.

our stakeholders are buyers, sellers, builders, and real estate enthusiasts.

why choose us?

the property adviser was started to help people get accurate and reliable information about the projects that are ready to move and under construction in hyderabad.

so what?

we found out that many projects are not tracked by anyone online or offline. we list all the projects in hyderabad, whether it is big or small. we believe that the information we get is valuable to our consumers.

you can register for free here.

log in to https://propertyadviser.in to know more about our services and how we can help you find the house you love.

what’s new?

check out our advisor page here.

by: lotus tech