Compare Properties Option to Buy a House in Hyderabad

What is Compare Properties Option in Property Adviser?

Property Adviser is a public directory of all ready-to-occupy and under-construction apartments, houses and villas in Hyderabad. It has created features to help you save time while searching property online. These features help us serve you better.

This is the third article in “Explaining Property Adviser features” series. We created features that save time, is unique, and available for free if you are a registered user.

What is “Compare Properties” page?

Compare Properties page allows you to search three projects side-by-side based on different specifications such as location, price, number of units available, time to occupy, number of floors, approved by GHMC, and so on.

A side-by-side comparison is a handy tool that compares and highlights the similarities and differences between the projects you choose.

The “Compare Properties” feature is only available to registered users. You can register on the website with email id and mobile number. Both are validated to ensure that there is no fake account created on our website.

We don’t charge you for using this platform as an individual user interested in buying a property.

The advantages of using “Compare Properties” are:

  1. It is a unique feature that lets you compare three properties at a time.

If you are a frequent e-commerce user, you will be well-versed using compare options. Each of the products is compared based on their features. While comparing, you can easily decide which one is best for you.

  1. At Property Advisers, you can select different types of properties based on your requirements.
  2. You can shortlist and compare three properties. It helps you decide easily and quickly.

Procedure to Compare the Selected Properties:

A registered user of Property Adviser can compare properties by following these steps:

First, make a list of all your preferences and look up properties on the website. There are many filters such as location, size, occupancy, apartment or independent house, budget, and so on that can be used to shortlist properties.

Then, make a list of properties you want to compare.

Log in to and enter your username and password. Then, click on “Compare Properties” from the top-right hand drop-down menu.

The “Compare Properties” tab opens where you can choose the name of the building from the drop-down. You can compare up to three properties at a time.

The results of the search include the following:


Project Subtypes

Size (sq. ft)

Budget (Min-Max)

No. of units available

Community Type (Gated/ Standalone)

Occupancy( Date of Possession)

Loans Approved Banks (Banks that have approved loans for the project)

Project Status (Ready to Occupy or Under-construction - includes the stage of construction)

Total Floors

Approved By (whether the building is approved by GHMC)

Total project area (in acres)

By comparing shortlisted projects, you can select the one that matches your criteria.

At Property Adviser, we strive to make your property search a hassle-free experience. We have an in-house database of projects, and we analyse data and present it graphically.

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