Builders Propose Modifications to Under-Construction Flats

Builders Propose Modifications on Upcoming Flats to Meet Buyers Demand

In various projects, real estate developers are proposing modifications to the layouts of under-construction apartments to meet new customer requirements in the midst of the trend of working from home.

Proposed Plans for Improving Building Layouts

The experts stated that the need for the present times has recognised and made builders to  convert the layout of the 3BHK flats to a two plus work in which they will do the fit out and provide the requisite facilities to run a mini office. They will also develop office-like fit-outs to meet customer demands.  Such setups attract big companies and they have booked such flats in bulk.

Over time, the developers modify and provide the projects  according to the customer's needs. Builders hope that if they provide extra room to work from home which saves power, the government could consider giving the developer some incentives in the future. In order to build small work spaces, developers use clubhouses, commonly reserved for recreational activities such as swimming pools, indoor sports or spas.

In upcoming projects, several luxury developers plan to have larger business centres that consider the need for separate workspaces.

By: Shailaja K