Construction Works of Balanagar Flyover Works Pacing Up by HMDA

The work on the Bala Nagar flyover now took a quick start, and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) set an aim for construction to be completed by November.

At the cost of Rs 387 crores, HMDA is constructing the 1.13 km-flyover, of which Rs 265 Cr allocated for land acquisition and rest for civil works. The long six-lane flyover will be 24 metres wide.

HMDA to Expetide Balanagar Flyover Works

Work on the flyover had struck because of delays in land acquisition and traffic management, among other factors. HMDA is now expediting civil work on a warfare basis with the Greater Municipal Corporation (GHMC), which is completing the acquisition of land and properties.

A senior officer of the HMDA said, as part of the scheme, up to 176 girders must be set up. Of these, 93 have already installed, and about 60 girders will be installed. Similarly, six spans were built from the 25 spans.

At the casting yard in Khilaipally near Ramoji Film area, in order to prevent traffic inconvenience, all sub-structures including girders and pier segments were precast. They will soon be built on site after the completion of the sub-structures on the yard. The works moved into top equipment, but the recent extreme rain slowed things down a little. However, by the end of November, they are planning and preparing to complete the work in time. 

During the lockdown, HMDA managed that time and speeded the work. As a result, the works which would take about three months have been completed in a month. In general, work relating to one foundation takes approx ten days, but the HMDA was able to complete seven foundations within 30 days taking advantage of the lockdown. 

The upcoming flyover will facilitate the smooth flow of traffic on the Balanagar main road, crossing Narsapur and Fatehnagar ‘T’ junctions. Also, ease traffic congestion in Kukatpally and Qutbullapur areas.

By: Shailaja K