How Does Open Space in Houses Impact Our Living

open spaces mean land or water bodies that are open to the sky. a builder designs open spaces in the apartment or house that are known to enhance the aesthetic appeal and provide many recreational opportunities to its residents.

for example, parks, children play areas, jogging parks, outdoor courts for playing different kinds of sports, amenities space within housing areas, landscaped gardens, and covered seating areas, and so on.

the open spaces provide both active and passive recreational opportunities to the residents living in the gated community.

open spaces are required to:

  • protect the health and well-being of residents of the colony or building or gated community.
  • improve the safety and general welfare of the people.
  • enhance property values.
  • improve the quality of life.
  • enhance aesthetic quality by improving the appearance of the community.
  • facilitate walking tracks for pedestrians.
  • provide bicycle mobility.
  • preserve natural surroundings.

importance of open space

the open spaces are not only beautiful but also provide the residents with a safe and secure environment for spending their time, both individually and in groups.

therefore, open spaces improve the general health and well-being of the residents. it reduces stress, encourages physical activity and reduces depression.

a report published by the world health organization tells us that physical inactivity causes many health issues and is a critical health risk.

the research studies also indicate that people are more active and are willing to lead an active life when there are open spaces in their houses and residential communities.

therefore, improving access to open spaces is known to increase physical activity levels, improve mental health, and reduce health care and other costs.

advantages of open space layout

the advantages of open space layout in an apartment are as follows:

  • improves the quality of life:

the need to live in dust and pollution free environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city drives people to choose apartments with more open space. it improves the living standards of the people.

  • provides an excellent return on investment (roi)

the apartments that have more open spaces and amenities such as parks, jogging tracks, seating areas, children play areas, basketball court, tennis court, badminton court, cricket pitch, and so on are in demand. their value is more than standalone buildings with not much of open space.

  • it provides space for sports and other recreational activities.

you can play your favourite sport or learn a new one. your children can play outdoors every day. your parents can come out for a stroll in the garden. the needs of all your family members can be met if there are open spaces in your apartment.

  • it improves bonding among residents.

the well-managed gardens and open areas promote social interaction. you can celebrate festivals and take part in cultural programs. the open spaces improve social interaction among people of all ages.

  • it encourages an active lifestyle.

nowadays, most people are health-conscious. the open space in your apartments promotes an active lifestyle that ensures your health improves and can get tangible health benefits.

  • it is refreshing and breathable.

the open spaces will have trees and plants that provide shade, reduce noise pollution, and improve air quality in your apartment. the green spaces in your apartment will create a soothing and relaxing environment as it is a refreshing contrast from the concrete structure you see everywhere you go. it makes you love to come back home from work.

  • it preserves the natural environment.

the trees and plants in the open space protect soil from erosion, retains rainwater and preserves the natural environment.

  • it’s a safe place for children.

it develops your child’ physical, emotional, social needs and also contributes to their overall development.

the open space layout is sought by people who want to buy a house. they prefer buildings with more green cover as they can spend time close to nature. therefore, many builders are designing open spaces in the buildings.

an open space layout is advantages only when it is:

  • is reasonable to manage and upkeep.
  • it adds value to the apartment.
  • is flexible to use and therefore adaptable.
  • it fosters a sense of ownership so that residents become involved in maintaining the open space.
  • it has a positive impact on the surrounding natural resources.

therefore, choose an open space design that is based on the use, comfort, visual quality, safety, and convenience or access.

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by: lotus tech