Importance and Benefits of Podium Style construction

what is a podium?

the podium is a raised structure which is higher than its surroundings. it is an elevated platform on which a building rests.

the podium separates the two spaces, namely living and parking.

what is a podium slab?

a podium slab is a structural floor of a building. it is also a transfer slab. a transfer slab is a beam that is constructed with a concrete slab. the transfer slab transfers the floor loads to the pillar and support post.

the podium slab is above the parking level and requires waterproofing, fireproofing, and reduced sound transmission.

what is the function of a podium slab?

  • a podium slab transfers the load from the steel structure above the slab to the columns and walls below the slab. therefore, it serves as a strong support base for a high rise building.
  • the walls and columns above the slab that bear the load of the building will not align with the structure below the slab. therefore, it is used widely in earthquake-prone areas.
  • the purpose of the slab (a horizontal separation podium slab) is to act as a separator between the different types of occupancy.
  • you can construct three or more levels of the residential building above the podium slab.
  • the raised structure (podium) provides more space to beautify the open spaces or common areas around the building.

in earthquake-prone areas, to isolate the base, you can use a podium.

we know the functions of a podium slab. let’s now see the benefits:

the benefits of podium style construction are as follows:

  1. use podium style construction to separate the different building occupancy such as parking areas and living spaces.
  2. podiums offer fire and sound protection.
  3. it is cost effective.
  4. you can reduce excavation costs in case of below-grade (any structure or part of the structure that is below the surface of the ground that surrounds it) parking area that is only 4 to 5 ft below the ground.
  5. you can also save money spent on ventilation if the podium can be naturally ventilated.
  6. podium provides more large open spaces at or below-grade, for example, parking, retail store, etc.
  7. podium slab provides a high fire rating and reduces sound transmission and floor vibration.
  8. podiums are designed as accessible outdoor space. you can plant trees, create seating areas, parks, gardens, and so on in the extra space available.
  9. podiums improve the social quality of living environments. a podium garden encourages social interaction and increases a sense of community among residents.
  10. podiums give you the flexibility to construct buildings in different ways by using wood, steel, concrete structures, and so on.
  11. it increases usable space.
  12. it increases the value of the property.
  13. it not only looks beautiful but also is an integral part of your building’s water management system.
  14. podium decks help protect the roof structure underneath. it simplifies the roof construction and reduces the amount of pipework and roof incisions.
  15. podiums help conserve water and reduce urban floods.
  16. it improves the capacity of draining rainwater properly.
  17. it helps in saving drinking water by using recycled water for irrigating plants.

a well-planned podium design improves the social and physical qualities of the living environments.

why is waterproofing required for the podium deck?

the waterproofing is required because,

  • the contemporary buildings have landscaped gardens.
  • so that water does not seep into the parking areas.
  • are there expansion joints in the structure where the water can seep in.

the points to consider while waterproofing the podium deck are as follows:

  1. deck movement
  2. differential movement
  3. drainage
  4. waterproofing continuity at expansion joints
  5. drainage outlets.
  6. landscaping.
  7. what lies below the podium deck, is it car parking or habitable spaces.

take a look at the below eipl projects constructed with podium style.

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by: lotus tech