Five Important Factors that Influence Home Buying Decisions

you want to buy an apartment. how do you choose between two or more apartments that are similar in terms of price, location, and area?

what are the other factors that influence your buying decision?

is there a checklist that can help you choose?

let’s look at the five factors (other than price, location, area, and so on) that influence your buying decision:

1. lifestyle

your lifestyle determines the choices you make.

if you pursue a sport as a hobby or for fitness, you want to play every day. therefore an apartment that has a tennis court, squash court, shuttle and basketball court appeals to you.

when you buy an apartment, the house must be functional and intelligent enough to blend purpose and utility.  if you prefer to socialise more often, then the house should be suited to host social gatherings.

an innovative and functional design sets a house apart from the other houses that are comparable in terms of location and price.

2. convenience

things like cellar car park are convenient for some people. whereas others need amenities like gym, clubhouse, and so on.

a house is convenient when it satisfies or even exceeds the needs of each member of your family. therefore, understand your family’s requirements and choose one that matches these requirements.

so, what are your requirements?

some common requirements are as follows:

fresh air and natural light

a house with more sunlight uses less power as it is well-lit during the day.

in a place like india where there is sunlight throughout the year, making use of the sunlight during the day saves you a lot of money. you consume less power and pay lower electricity bills.

even in the olden days, there was a portion in the house that was ‘open-to-sky’ to get more sunlight.


ventilation in the house means there is fresh air coming into the house.

better air circulation keeps your house fresh and well-ventilated.

the free flow of air does not let the hot air to stay inside the house. therefore, it maintains the room temperature so that your house is cooler by a few degrees.

visit the apartment to check if it is well-ventilated before you finalize it.

more space

do you want an apartment that is spacious?

smart design is at the heart of creating flexible apartment spaces. look beyond the size given on the website or brochure. visit the apartment and check for yourself.

no common walls

the apartments with no shared walls reduce noise and protect your privacy.

energy efficiency

energy efficient buildings not only reduce the cost of energy but also protects the environment.

for example, solar-powered lighting in common areas, solar water heaters, solar fences, and well-ventilated houses reduce power consumption.

saving water

a project that is built with water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and rainwater harvesting saves water.

as water is scarce, recycling water is the need of the hour.  choose an apartment that helps you save water.

open spaces

do you cherish green spaces?

some projects have massive open spaces and extravagant outdoors to entice you such as crafted landscapes, water fountains, parks, children play area, central courtyard, seating areas, and so on.

one question to ask will be, how much open space is available?

less crowded

if fewer people are living in the apartment building compared to other similar properties, it is quiet, peaceful, and desirable to live.

if you are looking for a peaceful, quiet and value privacy a lot, you must choose less crowded spaces only.

maintenance of the property

another critical factor to consider is who is going to maintain the property?

a well-maintained property will increase the return on investment (roi) of the house.

proper property maintenance, housekeeping, security are a must if you want to buy a gated community home.

fitness centres

amenities such as gym, yoga, aerobics, walking or jogging track are a must for a fitness enthusiast as these facilities might not be available in your neighbourhood.

commercial centres

find a gated community with stores to buy fruits, vegetables, provisions, and so on. some of them even have entertainment centres, atms, reputed supermarkets, and so on.

you need not go out if the fitness and commercial centres are available inside the gated community itself.

some of these factors were considered a luxury. however, they have become a necessity now. the trend of offering living spaces that go beyond the basic needs is picking up. as a buyer, you can evaluate some or all of these before you buy a house.

3. style

in many cases, the architecture of the house itself compliments the lifestyle and aspirations of the residents. for these residents, outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor spaces.

therefore, the builder designs beautiful outdoor spaces too. if you value style as much as functionality, you must consider the aesthetics before you can finalise an apartment.

also, the building’s elevation is essential. you don’t want your house to look like an office.

4. quality

the quality of the materials used for construction. the amenities that were once considered extravagant have become a standard now.  therefore, builders provide luxury amenities such as an exclusive clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, multipurpose halls, yoga and meditation centre, and multipurpose hall.

the reputation of the builder to deliver the project on time is another factor to consider before buying a house.

5. privacy

the houses that don’t have common walls have more privacy. there is no disturbance as there are no common walls. if there are too many people living in a gated community, you also share the amenities with so many people. therefore,  the per head amenity space reduces.

therefore, look for a project that is less crowded if you value your privacy more.

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by: lotus tech