Hyderabad Civic Body Saves 23,000 Square Yards of Land From Encroachers

Hyderabad Civic Body Saves 23,000 Square Yards of Land From Encroachers

The amount of government property protected by the Assets Protection Cell (APC) from land grabbers has exposed large-scale encroachments across the cityspace.

GHMC Removes Encroachments on Government Lands

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) was glad to save 23,340 square yards of government property from land grabbers with the help of residents who tipped off officials since the launch of the APC in July 2020. 

The overall value of the properties eyed by the land sharks and subsequently secured by the APC runs into crores of rupees. The bulk of the land saved until date are lung spaces identified as parks and open spaces in layouts.

As per GHMC reports, the Assets Protection Cell receives at least 15 calls per day on an average. Of which some are encroachments and also include enquiry calls.  The largest pieces of land that have been secured as of now include

  • 4,400 sq.yds. of open space at Housing Board Colony, Bahadurpura
  • 2,006 sq.yds. of open land in Father Balaiah Nagar in Alwal

Assets Protection Cell (APC)

The APC's research noted that, with political support, most land grabbers encroached land. The property grabbers had approached people in the construction industry, local leaders and citizens from the same locality in many instances before occupying land. In certain situations, on the pieces of land that were sold for a premium, huts developed overnight. The investigation also showed that it was part of the strategy of the encroachers to construct temporary buildings and huts.

Residents can file complaints of land encroachments on the toll-free number 1800-599-0099 on all working days between 10 am to 6 pm. Citizens may either provide their information or file the complaint anonymously. EVDM officials informed that every complaint is given a specific complaint number and the complaint is sent to the Assistant Compliance Officer (AEO), according to EVDM officials.

By: Shailaja K