Hyderabad Division of SCR Constructed 11 Road under Bridges in 8 Months

Hyderabad Division of SCR Constructed 11 Road Under Bridges in 8 Months

In eight months from May to December of last year,  Road under Bridges (RuBs) /Limited Height Subways (LHS) had been constructed by the Hyderabad Division of South Central Railway (SCR) with an expenditure of Rs 30.80 crore.

Infrastructure Developments to Ensure Safety

In order to prevent unusual accidents, the railways had decided to remove all level crossings that not only risk the railway assets but also make road users to face harmful situations.

The policy focuses on gradually eliminating manned crossing gates, with the support and involvement of the respective state governments, by providing alternative arrangements including the construction of Limited Height Subways (LHS), Road Over Bridges (roBs), and Road Under Bridges (RuBs).

The SCR took over the role of constructing RuBs/LHS in place of level crossings, according to due priority to ensure security and public comfort. Officials said RuBs/LHS were developed with the use of modern technology and innovative methods.

The railway engineers method included the preparation of precast (Reinforced Concrete Cement) RCC boxes for the construction of LHS vends in advance, taking short regulation blocks to train services inside the Work Section.

The workers took up rapid earth excavation using heavy duty machinery and the installation on either side of the track of temporary prefabricated iron girders to insert RCC boxes to serve on the spot as the permanent LHS, fill the earth beside the new LHS and restoring train operation in a short time.

SCR Managing Director Gajanan Mallya appreciated Hyderabad's workforce and credited the Department of Engineering with the execution of the mission according to the plan. Also appreciated for the teamwork, involving the  Operating, Finance, Electrical and Signal Departments.

By: Shailaja K