Illegal Construction Cases be Given Priority by Telangana High Court

Illegal Construction Cases be Given Priority by Telangana High Court

On Wednesday, the Telangana high court sent a strict message that those concealing behind court orders to protect their illegal buildings in Hyderabad are not safe anymore. It ordered GHMC commissioner Lokesh Kumar to send reports of all cases pending with the high court as well as the civil courts on illegal constructions in Hyderabad. 

The court also directed its registrar general to keep all tribunal jurisdictions aware of the fact that all these matters are being seized from the Chief Justice bench. While hearing a plea filed by CR Sudhinder Kumar of Kruparam Bagh near Sultan Bazar in Hyderabad, a bench of Chief Justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and Justice A Abhishek Reddy said that they will create a special category for all such cases and will resolve all of them on a priority basis. 

GHMC Special Drive Against Illegal Constructions

GHMC Commissioner Lokesh Kumar informed the bench that there are 10,600 complaints in Greater Hyderabad about illegal buildings demanding their demolition. This is in addition to the 1.10 lakh illegal structures that are awaiting regularisation orders under building regularisation scheme.

The commissioner told the bench that they could demolish 3,400 buildings of the 10,000 structures that were declared illegal. But they were rendered helpless in respect of 4600 illegal buildings as their owners approached the high court and obtained protection orders.

The Chief Justice ensured the commissioner that they would be designated as special category cases and be resolved on a priority basis. They also instructed the authorities to find ways to get rid of the illegal structures that had been built in the centre of public places.

With the implementation of preventive measures by the government on illegal constructions are expected to strengthen transparency in the Hyderabad real estate sector. 

By: Shailaja K