Importance of Land Survey and Common Terminology Information

Importance of Land Survey and Common Terminology Information

Before purchasing a land, you should know the detailed information about the area. A land survey helps you make wise investment decisions and also understand what the property offers and its value.

Benefits of Land Survey

Relevant details you can obtain from property survey include:

  • A property's precise boundaries.
  • The specific areas of layouts, additions, and improvements.
  • Any slopes or other geographic features which could impact Land's use.
  • The location of easements and utilities.
  • If any of the lands are in a floodplain.

Land Survey Common Terminology Details

Grama Kantham

The Land allotted to the people living in the village is called Grama Kantham. It is a commonplace of the village and can also hold government meetings. These land details are available in the panchayat records.

Assigned Land

Government sanctioned Land for the landless poor to cultivate and build houses. It cannot be sold or exchanged for others unless it is to be endured as a heritage treasure.

Field boundary

It is the total area of land that stretches under a body of water.

Barren land (Bancharami)

Village, vacant Land within the zone and government prescribed Land for public use. Special markers indicate this on the revenue records.


Agraharam is a village or a part of it which was given to the Brahmins in ancient times as a gift with little tax.

Deval Inam

Land allotted in the name of the temple, even in the name of the priests for the maintenance of the temples.

Adangal (Pahani)

The register that records the information of the cultivable lands in the village is called Adangal (Pahani). Adangal is known in Andhra Pradesh and Pahani in Telangana. It covers the whole history of the property like details of land acquisition, sale and crop cultivation are recorded from time to time.

Units of Land Measures

One Acre = 40 Guntas

One Acre = 4840 Sq.yds

One Acre = 43,560 Sq.ft

One Gunta = 121 Sq.yds

One Gunta = 1089 Sq.ft

One Square Yard 3 x 3 = 09 square feet

121 x 09 = 1089 Sq. ft

4840 Sq.yd x 09 = 43,560 Sq.ft

One Cent   = 48.4 Sq.yd

One Cent   = 435.6 Sq.ft

Land Terms and Record System

Land Name



Cultivated land


Metta or dry land area


Farm boundary


One who leases land


Land area




The Land given by the government in recognition of services

Balota Inam

Land given by the government to the landless poor Dalits


Nizam Nawab's own land


Land ceiling

Survey Number

Allocated for land identification


A map detailing the land


A person who enjoys keeping the land under his control

Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

Certificate of landform, a survey number that indicates the transactions that have taken place on the land between 32 years is called EC.

Field Measurement (FMB) Book

Also Known As FMB Teapon. FMB is a part of village revenue records. It contains all the survey numbers, documents and measurements of the village.


Survey and classification of agricultural lands is called provision.

Bee Memo

Bee memo is a notice instructing a person occupying and cultivating government land to pay tax and a fine.


Lands that are not suitable for cultivation as surveyed. It is also government land.

Faisal List

Transfer Register


Land tax assessment record of different survey numbers held by a farmer in a revenue village.


Permanent A-Register printed in Telugu and English.

Inheritance / Fauthi

Granting land rights to the landowner after his death.




The whole earth.


Land lending for a loan.


Spot Inspection.

Property Pass Book

A book informing the land rights of the farmer.

Title Deed

Land title deed signed by RTO.

ROR (Records of Rights)

Land Ownership Register.


Resettlement Register or any permanent register.

Permanent Register

A register that determines land discipline by survey numbers. It was introduced in place of Setwar.


Revenue Village wise first time land survey details, register showing details of land owners. It was in force until 1953. Later Khasra Pahani became available.


A contract document written on white paper in connection with the sale of land.


A document informing other transactions such as purchase, sale and lease of land.


A measure of land area. An area of ??4840 square yards, or 100 cents (48.4 yards per cent), is called 40 pits (121 yards per acre). It is also known as cent in Andhra Pradesh and Gunta in Telangana.


Rainy season crop


Houses or dwellings in the village


Specially allotted land


Pond is the area where water is stored


If the claimant does not know who it is, it is called Beavers land.

Do Fasali

land with two crops


The period from July 1 to 12 months is called Fasali.


Non-agricultural land

Istifa land

Land voluntarily government-owned by the owner of property.

Inam Dastardan

A land given for compliments


A land title deed made by altering land records in the name of a person in a joint family.


Social land


Village agreement to be taken by the surveyor from the elders of the two villages.

So before purchasing a plot of land,  a detailed survey of the property can help you to reveal if there are any disputes with the property and get rid of the future conflicts.

By: Shailaja K