Is New Age Design Shaping the Interface of Real Estate Sector?

Is New Age Design Shaping the Interface of Real Estate Sector?

The world is changing very fast and companies need to find new ways to be relevant. The digital world and the biological world are merging to completely change the way we connect and communicate.  There are new ways of doing processes and everything will be based on the results and the management we carry out, where collaborative work will be essential to bring added value in an agile and efficient way.

The current design of the houses is characterized by being functional, contemporary, and innovative. Those are the keys that stand out in the new homes, although the design is more than the aesthetics of the house. There are other attributes such as sustainability, quality, comfort that make up the design.

However with the construction design it may seem that the promotions are similar, the developers insist that their residential buildings have features that differentiate them from the competitors because the image of the building is also the identity of the company, it is a strategic value. The design is focused at the strategic level to create an identity so that their product is recognized.

Look at the below new-age design properties that developing the real estate industry.

Flexible and Personalized Housing

The people buy a home based on the designing of modern homes. Many real estate builders are constructing houses to satisfy the demands and needs of the customers.  The current trend is to offer maximum flexibility in the distribution of spaces and the possibility of personalization of environments. The unique construction of homes with modern facilities creates a customized product for each type of family.

The interior layout is the first design element that defines the buyer lifestyle. Currently, the tendency is to create ample spaces that facilitate the relationship between family members. The kitchens integrated with the living room are a clear reflection of lifestyle changes. Many builders were launching new properties in Hyderabad with unique designs to suit the resident lifestyle. The buyer perceives and values ??that differentiation since it places a lot of importance on both the interior and exterior design of a house.

Quality and Natural Ventilation

The brightness is a differentiating attribute of modern homes. The large window is a trend that allows satisfying the demands of the buyer who demands bright homes, which also facilitate a natural cross-ventilation. Many new properties are constructing a spacious place with well-ventilated rooms. Some of the gated community apartments in Hyderabad include EIPL Apila, Hallmark Vicinia, Muppas Alankrita are built with quality facilities and natural surroundings. The apartments are built spaciously with well ventilation. One can afford a spacious and quality house at a reasonable price to lead a comfortable life in spacious apartments with natural surroundings.

Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Homes

A clear trend of new homes is sustainability, which stands out as one of the main attributes of the current design. Nowadays many people prefer to live in green surroundings for healthy to stay away from the hustle-bustle of the city.  Taking this into account, many real estate developers constructing the houses with spacious green surroundings, which also allows the buyer to save energy. The construction of sustainable housing is not only a requirement of the buyer. Energy efficiency will cease to be a differentiating element of homes because the high demands will be mandatory in all promotions.


When designing residential buildings, the usual thing is to have architects specialized in residential building. Many constructions are made with well-designed architecture to attract buyers. With the architecture design of the apartment, the buyer can imagine their lifestyle living and make decisions. The architect is the person in charge of making the project a reality and makes the product in a way to suit the customer requirements.


In addition to sustainable, new housing has to be technological, with the incorporation of home automation systems that begin to be common for the opening and closing of windows, control of interior light or heating and air conditioning systems. Technology is incorporated into the home as a smart home.  In smart homes, technologies will be included that can be controlled from the mobile. Hallmark Vicinia is a gated community apartment in Narsingi built smartly where an individual can lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Design of Homes

The main value that marks the decision to buy a house is always the location. Once the area is decided, the second value comes is the price.  Location and cost are two rational decisions to buy a house while the design is the differential value of the promotions. The design is an intangible hard to measure but is an essential part of the value of housing in the real estate market. The promoters agree that aesthetic design does not have to be linked to a more expensive price of housing. A good design is always a differentiating value-added to the promotion and, therefore, will always be an important sales tool, but its impact on the price of housing is scarce.

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By: Shailaja K