People From AP settled in Telangana Benefitted from 2BHK Housing Scheme

People From AP settled in Telangana Benefited from 2BHK Housing Scheme

Telangana state government has made sure that the families from the AP with poor financial background will also receive free double bedroom house to facilitate life with dignity, in line with its commitment to treat people from Andhra Pradesh who have been settled in the Telangana State with no discrimination or bias.

TS 2BHK Housing Scheme Benefitted Settlers from AP

This has been evident by the fact that, amongst the 192 families who had allotted 2BHK houses at Gollaguda, four families are from AP who had migrated to Suryapet long ago to look for a livelihood and made the town their home. These families, thanking the TS State government for making the allocation transparent and unbiased, also informed it will help them save 15 percent of their income which they had spent on rent.

Some families said they never expected the government would allot a double bedroom house for them, adding that their application had been added after examination in the draw system and they were blessed enough to have a 2BHK house in the centre of the city.

Also they obtain Rs 2,016 old age pension for every month. These two benefits have altered the financial condition of those families in the TRS government schemes. The beneficiaries include workers from LPG gas agency and daily wage labourers, the granting a house in 2BHK Housing Scheme was of great assistance for them.

D Aravind, Gollaguda Double Bedroom Houses committee member has stated that no one is going to show any discrimination towards Andhra Pradesh's familias in the complex.  Like every one, they also took over the responsibility to ensure that the complex is clean. Each beneficiary contributed Rs 500 to set up CCTV cameras in the complex, which is being monitored now by 9 cameras, adding that this change inspired the residents a sense of security. The committee also decided to name the complex as KCR Colony.

By: Shailaja K