State Government Planned to Grant Nala Rights to Tehsildars

As part of revenue reforms, the state government decided to take another significant step. In the new revenue Act, the Government reduced the powers of revenue officers.

An individual has to apply to RDO to transform the agricultural lands for other purposes. The Tehsildar is directed to inspect and report on revenue records and land proposed at field level. RDO shall decide on the Tehsildar Recommendation. As the Government has found irregularities, instead of delaying the implementation of 'Nala' because of this process, it has decided to stop this policy.

Removal of NOC

The NOCs are being removed by the Government which has removed revenue courts. The NOC Committees, with the Collector, have the authority to sell the land reserved to the families of freedom fighters, ex-servicemen, martyrs and police officers.

The issuance of these NOCs, however, has led some officials to disrepute the Government. It was then agreed that NOCs be stopped, and the ownership rights are automatically transferred to the land allocated after a certain period of time through payments.

Dharani Portal Services

The Government has started the registration of agricultural lands in the tehsils from Dussehra. In the third week of this November month, the tehsildars will be trained. The Department of Technical Services, which is already evaluating the Dharani portal software, will review its performance next week. 

The Government provides technical equipment to the required departments. Although 590 tehsils in the state have a BSNL network,  the Government has allowed them to make additional connections with an excellent local network.

By: Shailaja K