Top 5 Factors for Setting Price for Houses for Rent

As an owner, when your property is open for rent for the first time or even when you have done it before, setting a price to your house for rent is a tough job. Several factors can help you to set the right price for your unit. The correct house rental rates will attract future tenants to your property and will generate a profitable income for you.

When you are setting a price for your property, you will have two competing forces at stake like getting a rate affordable for renters. But, at the same time is should be high enough to make a reasonable profit for you, which can be quite a tricky part of deciding on the house rental prices. When determining your rent price, you must weigh both factors. It is therefore essential to carry out market research and to know the value of your property. 

Let’s know about some of the significant factors for you to set the right rental price:

Similar Property Listings in Neighbourhood

To estimate an approximate cost for a property, you need to check with the similar listings. Always compare oranges with oranges and not with apples, because if you do so, you will be misleading the entire process. See properties with similar size as yours in the same city as you. But in particular in the same area of the city as your rental.

Prospective locators typically want to pay more rent for new buildings. Before using the house for rent tag, owners can also check for online ads to keep track of the apartments which are renting quickly. The ones that are decreasing their rates and those who have been classified for the weeks.

What Kind of Amenities your property has for tenants?

Do not set a standard price for every single bedroom or create a standard price gap between 1 and 2 bedrooms. That technique will ultimately hurt you unless the modules are precisely the same. The landlords need to set the rent base on property view like a perfect garden view, advanced technologies like smart home automation, floor levels, furnished or semi-furnished, etc.

You will also have to consider how different facilities and services are charged. The homeowner, for instance, is responsible for the collection of specific fees in a variety of multi-family homes, thereby lowering the rental price of services. You will have to cost the renters extra if this is the case. You must also take stuff such as parking options into account to accurately price your unit. 

Keep a keen eye on Nearby Infrastructural Developments

Location is one of the critical factors in the area of housing. You can have a significant impact on the rent that can be charged if your property is in the heart of the city with secure connectivity, shopping, entertainment, school, work, food. Since maximum people hate travelling daily. If it’s in an excellent position with great accessibility, tenants are often prepared to pay a premium so that they are close to their daily necessities. 

However, it may be more challenging to get a high rate for houses for rent if your location is more extended and requires ample time to reach your destination. But, it doesn’t need to be like that always, since, with new infrastructural growth like IT offices, schools or any structural developments families would flock up for the houses for rent giving you a chance to increase the rent.

How is the Market Demand for the property?

It is not one occasion to stipulate a price for your rental. You must keep an eye on the market and adjust the rent on a demand basis.  When the economy is terrible, for instance, rent demand can rise, because people can no longer afford their homes and instead are forced to rent. A weak economy could also lead to higher demand for smaller, cheaper apartments due to the downsizing of people. 

In some instances, vacancies can ruin the confidence of an owner. Since they have to pay a sizeable down payment and your monthly costs can also be a burden. In such cases, you can take a step back on your house rental price. The fundamental rule is that you can charge a higher lease if there is greater demand for your unit. You may have to cut back on rent to attract tenants when the need is reduced.

Increasing the rental price shouldn’t be the only goal!

Consider the difference between your particular apartment or unit and the other units in the neighbourhood. Like how appealing it will be for the future inhabitants, does it can be eligible for living as per the necessary standards, etc. For a newly renovated property, you can add a little extra when compared to the previous rent or need to adjust it accordingly if it’s better or worse.

As a landlord, your goal is to maximise your rental income. However, maximising profit does not always mean accepting your tenants at the highest rental price. You will choose the renters who will pay on time and take care of your property to increase your income. To sacrifice a bit of the rent for good residents is paying off over the long term. Such good tenants will not make you feel guilty and will not annoy your neighbours. 


For setting the right price to houses for rent, even though you can't find a long list of identical properties, the best place to start is to study other properties on the market. Rental prices may be difficult to set, but flexibility is always possible. You can also predict price fluctuations over time. The rental market can change, the cost of housing can change, and even the priorities will change. You can make adjustments to house rental rates to the variations between your part and your unit after creating your comparable lists.

What is working for you right now, especially if you find that your rental does not attract enough tenants, may not work for you in several months. So, always stay up-to-date with, to see all information on the latest trending real estate news, complete area analysis to make informed decisions.

By Govi