30 issues reported for Dharani Portal

30 issues reported for Dharani Portal

30 issues reported for Dharani Portal 

Officials informed, 30 issues about the Dharani portal have been identified by district collectors and sent to the chief commissioner of land administration (CCLA).  

Approximately a year after the launch of the state government's Dharani web portal, people are facing difficulties and hence people are forced to visit revenue offices.

A few days ago a cabinet sub-committee directed by finance minister T Harish Rao and other ministers held a meeting to identify and resolve various issues of Dharani. After the meeting, the issue has been identified and an additional collector in north Telangana informed, 

“While some survey numbers are wrongly entered into the prohibitory list as government land or ceiling land or waqf land, there is no option for entry of section 22A (prohibiting the sale and fresh registration of the listed land) land cases in the prohibitory list in respect of missing government land and court cases." 

Further, he said in the case of non-agriculture land assessment (NALA) issues, the land records show a piece of land as agricultural land even after land conversion orders had been issued. “In some cases, agricultural land is being shown as NALA”. 

While the government insisted that successions and mutations would happen within minutes on Dharani, the circumstance on the ground was acceptable. 

 “The succession in land records has not been happening in tribal belts while in other areas, succession is being accepted for assigned land only after the demise of the original assignee. In case of settlement issues, the succession and mutations for assignments are not happening,” a tahsildar confessed.