Rs 1,086 crores generated by Dharani Portal in ten months

Hyderabad’s agriculture online portal Dharani has generated revenue of Rs 1,086 crore in 10 months for the registration of agriculture lands. About 10,18,513 payments have been successfully carried out various transactions to agricultural land by booking slots on the portal.  

Dharani portal managed to book 8,99,314 slots. According to officials, the Pattadar Passbooks (PPBs) were sowed with the Aadhaar and biometric authentication of the PPB owners after correcting agricultural land records.  

At present, 28 transactions and 10 information modules are offered on the portal, which facilitates people to carry out their transactions hassle-free after booking a slot. The portal has been able to resolve most of the problems farmers face with respect to their agricultural lands.   

Officials informed that one of the perks of the portal is that an ePPB is delivered to the buyer without delay after completing the transaction at the concerned Tahsidhar’s office, adding that a green passbook is sent later to the buyer’s residential address by post.