Illegal Buildings In Hyderabad To Be Obliterated

 Illegal Buildings In Hyderabad To Be Obliterated 

The municipal administration and urban development department instructed municipal commissioners of all municipalities across the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority region to actionize against unsanctioned building constructions.  

The special chief secretary, Arvind Kumar issued a memo asserting that numerous constructions, apartments, gated communities, and layouts are appearing without HMDA’s authorization. 

The memo exclaimed that in few cases, the constructions are taking off by noting the erstwhile Gram Panchayat permissions which are not reasonable approvals. Arvind Kumar clarified that the Gram Panchayats were entitled by HMDA to grant permissions for buildings up to ground +2 floors and that permissions for apartments or gated communities were never given. 

The special chief secretary quoted that “Municipal commissioners of all municipalities located in the HMDA area are now instructed to evaluate all the abiding constructions and ascertain if they are authorized". 

If the construction is recognized as unauthorized, then the memo ratifies the commissioners to prosecute by razing them under the provision of the Telangana Municipalities Act 2019 and the TSbPASS Act. Whenever an action is taken, a report must be submitted by the end of the year.