New TS-Bpass Buildings Approval System Started in Telangana

New TS-Bpass Buildings Approval System Started in Telangana

On Monday, 16th Nov, Telangana Municipal Administrative Minister KT Rama Rao implemented a new online single window system for the approval of new buildings based on self-certification of the applicants.

New TS-bpass in Telangana

No permission was required for the construction of a house with a plot area of 75 square yards and a building height up to 7 metres under the Telangana State Building Permission Approval & Self-Certification System (TS-bPASS).

The plots over 75 square yards of land and 600 square yards of land, based on self-certification will be given immediate approval for buildings. For building permissions exclusively the government has introduced TS-bPASS, similar to the TS-iPASS, a single industry window approval scheme.

The government, with full citizenship confidence, has introduced the system of self-certification and has informed the citizens not to break it by registering illegal or prejudicial buildings. The new TS-bPASS is the country's most robust initiative in building construction.

To use the initiative, further improvements to the structure may be made based on inputs by the people and real estate sectors. The government has developed numerous progressive policies and reforms also similar plans recreated by the central and other state governments.

The reforms were launched to improve urban infrastructure while ensuring that administrative power is decentralised for the welfare of rural people. It is noted that approximately 43 percent of Telangana's population lived in cities and towns.

In the coming five years, the urban population will increase, and TS-bPASS will be an excellent opportunity. At the launch, KTR provided building permits to some people who used TS-bPASS services.

By: Shailaja K