Panchatatva Park - Acupressure Concept Walkway Opened to Visitors

Panchatatva Park - Acupressure concept walkway Opened to Visitors

On Sunday, 15th Nov, Panchatatva Park with a walkway based on the concept of Acupressure at Indira Park was opened by the MA&UD Minister, KT Rama Rao here.

The Minister said that the GHMC had developed 17 theme parks in the city, according to the ambitions of the Chief Minister, K.Chandrashekar Rao, to create a safe environment for the residents. 

The Panchatatva Park was built for Rs 17 lakhs and has cross-walks, an endless footpath, yoga shelters, an open gym and herbal plants, and a wide variety of age facilities. There is also a plan for providing an open gymnasium, as about 6,500 to 6,800 people are visiting Indira Park. The GHMC has been taking great steps towards developing parks in the city, including the development of 300 tree parks and 50 themed parks.

Highlights of New Panchatatva Walking Park

The Acupressure concept is based on the five natural elements (Panchabhutas) including Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, each of them having their nature and supreme elements.

The Panchatatva walking track consists of a circular path with 8 elements, including 20mm stone, 10mm stone, 6mm chips, river stone, rough sand, tree bark, black soil and water. The walking process takes place from a very rough to the smooth and soothing surface, which increases the blood circulation in the body and cures many diseases of the body. It also benefits elderly people who have joint pain in the knee and are unable to walk long distances.

The inner circle is divided into nine parts, and the Navagra plants and various herbal plants are planted in the boxes, which make people feel that they are performing parikramas around Navagrahas. In addition, plant species are rooted along the pathway connected to zodiac signs and nakshatras.

Green Drive in Hyderabad

In the last six years continuous efforts to improve the green cover of Hyderabad and the development of a range of green islands throughout the city have shown positive results. In addition to 17 themed parks on different topics such as Palmetum, Ficus, Bukhainvillea, Herbal and Bamboo, the GHMC has created 19 major parks, each with an area of over 5 acres.

The civic body has been involved hardly in creating more green spaces for the citizens, it has identified 3,091 open spaces with an area of 1,760 acres. Of these, 1,258 open spaces with an area of 578 acres were occupied with playgrounds, community halls, graveyards and temples.

Major theme parks are being developed in all zones with an investment of Rs 134.23 crore during 2020-21. These theme parks will be made available from this year-end in a phased manner.

By: Shailaja K