Five Must-Have Features for a Luxury Home

India has always been considered as the land of royalty. One can never forget the great Akbar, Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya, Aurangzeb, and many more. When we speak about the great India kings, it's like the list never ends. As the richness of their ancestors still run through their blood, some are tremendously addicted to living a luxurious lifestyle. So, ever wonder what makes a home more luxurious?

A luxury home isn't supposed to be a fairytale castle or a mansion. It just needs to have all the best comforts in the world, that a person could ever think of or even better. Luxury homes come with a lot of great amenities for a comfortable lifestyle like swimming pools, jacuzzis, green landscapes, sports amenities, spas and many more. Let’s see some of the must-have features for a luxury home,

House Security

Security always comes first. Everyone consider their home as the best place in the world and will do anything to keep it safe. When you live in a luxury home, it is obvious that you have a lot of expensive things at home. So, much likely you attract a lot of unwanted attention that makes you the main targets for robbery.

It’s good to consider a 24/7 high-end security system to protect your family and precious belongings. Residential CC cameras have come along way with a lot of features and have gained the trust of many families. With the best quality imagery, they help to identify the burglars very easily.

Nowadays motion sensor alarms are wireless which make it difficult for any intruder to disconnect it. They alert you and your family, before any theft and can prevent crime from happening.

Interior Design

One of the main features which differ a luxurious home from a normal one is its interior decoration. For interior designing, a lot of options can be included. It can change the entire view of the home.

The homes can be designed in an inspirational manner and must incorporate indulgent textures and truly high-end spaces. Bringing some theme oriented concepts into your design decisions is one way that makes your Luxury Home stand out from your neighbours.

A perfect interior enhances the spaces and environments with creative designs whilst improving their quality of life at their home. Luxurious architectural designs, vaulted ceiling, and decorative lighting with chandeliers can be planned to optimize the views from every angle of the house.

Ultra-Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is considered as the pulse of any home. From the morning coffee to night’s dinner, all home cooking meals creation takes place in the kitchen. Not only this place is used for cooking meals, but family and friends often gather in the kitchen to mingle and cook together.

To make your lifestyle more luxury, it is must have all modern appliances in your kitchen to make your day to day cooking easy. Some examples of luxury kitchen appliances include pre-installed burners, double ovens, dishwashers, chimneys, etc.  

A luxury home must consist of a spacious kitchen and a perfect layout to execute your culinary cooking creations in an effective manner. Modern kitchens have stylish cabinets, lively patterns, smooth velvet touch mosaic tiles, advanced appliances, and many more.

Fitness Center

If you own a luxury home, you got to have a fitness center. Nowadays, even a normal residential home has one or two fitness equipment available at their home. As a lot of ample space is available at your home include a wide variety of fitness equipment that could help you and your family to stay in shape and healthy.

Even the best experts say that a luxury home gym doesn't mean you need to have huge equipment. But, instead, focus on a different type of workouts in which technology and aesthetic design elements are included to give the best results.

A perfect home gym is everyone’s preferable choice, as nothing beats the experience of working out in privacy at your own place. Perfectly planned personal fitness rooms can offer all of the amenities of a best-class gym.


One of the extravagant luxury home features is its open space. A balcony with excellent views and lush greenery will surely put a smile on anyone’s face and can enlighten their mood. Irrespective of the type of room like a living room, bedroom, or even a kitchen, open space can be included to bring in the light.

Balconies are an undeniable feature for a luxury home, even if it is a small one, as it gives a wonderful privilege to spend quality time with your family evenings and take in all the fresh air. Luxury homes can have a private porch to overlook a city skyline or at the ground floor for picturesque views.

A perfect backyard engages the visitors, it is not a place where people spend a few seconds. But, it is more of a place where they gather for parties to take a break from their daily routine life. So, it is advisable to add some piece of furniture or swings to get refresh and rejuvenate.


Above we have mentioned some of the must-have features that can make a luxury home standout. Many luxury homes are custom built as per their likes and dislikes, meaning they can include all endless features of the world for a rich convenient life.

As a luxury home buyer, you must know what you want and what are the best available options?. Choose the best luxurious home from a huge range of villas for sale in Hyderabad. Need any help? We are here! Since the past few years, our propertyadviser team has served many happy home buyers with various house options to suit their family’s lifestyle.

By Govi