How Big Data Area Analytics Help In Real Estate

How Big Data Area Analytics Help In Real Estate
09:32 AM 27 Sep 2018

Property Adviser is a property directory that provides details of both under construction and ready to move projects in Hyderabad.

The area analytics is a useful resource if you are looking to buy a home.

So, how is it useful?

What are the five things you look for while searching for a house online?

How much does it cost?

The area analytics gives you the cost of the house in that area. If you are interested in buying a house in an area, compare and shortlist houses based on the cost.

Often, the information is not updated in other portals. We make sure that we provide updated prices on our website. We visit all the projects every month to find out the latest information.

Therefore, you can discover the price of the house for sale in your desired area.

How many units are available?

We collect and verify data by visiting the project every month. So, we get the latest information.

Then, we analyse the data collected and provide insights such as supply and absorption data (the number of units available for sale) at every price point for the projects listed on our website.

Do they match your criteria? How can you find out without visiting every house yourself?

The area analytics page gives the total units available for sale and how many units were sold out during the month.

It gives price trends, and demand for houses in that area. Also, the demand and absorption data helps in decision making.

Therefore, you can get all the required details from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to visit each project yourself.

Where do I get the real estate valuations from?

There is a lot of data available online and offline. But, is it reliable and how do they source it?

We provide research-backed real estate valuations of the houses available for sale in different areas. The data is verified and transparent.

We simplify the data by giving standardised disclosures of the real estate valuations. For example, find our area analytics page here.

The depth of information and accuracy we provide is not available elsewhere.

Where do I get the facts from? Is there any reliable source?

Property Adviser gives you access to accurate data about all the projects in Hyderabad.

We cover both under-construction and ready to occupy houses.

Therefore, we understand your needs and provide facts that are not only accurate but also critical in decision making.

What is the return on investment? Is it the right project to invest in? Will the value of the property increase in the future?

We visit and track the progress of the construction of all the projects every month. Therefore, we provide details such as historical valuation, how many units are available for sale, what kind of materials were used in construction, is the construction on schedule, the banker who is financing the project by giving loans, and so on.

Therefore, you can evaluate and estimate the return on investment and growth in demand for the property.

Area analytics helps you find out about houses available for sale in a particular area. Our website gives you details of apartments/villas/independent houses, cost, sizes, amenities, infrastructure development, and so on.

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By: Lotus Tech