Future of Big Data in Hyderabad Real Estate

How the Big Data is changing the future of Hyderabad Real Estate

The demand for Residential Properties in Hyderabad has been increasing in Hyderabad. The reasons for the increase is due to rising disposable income and urbanisation.

Last year, the real estate sector also saw regulations in the form of RERA (Real Estate Development and Regulation Act) and GST on under-construction properties. The impact of the rules is yet to be felt in Hyderabad. However, the demand for new projects is growing every year.

CREDAI and JLL jointly released a report in March 2018 titled, “Traversing through the epic, predicting the curve”. According to this report, the Indian real estate sector is expected to reach a market size of USD 180bn by 2020.

The Key Growth Drivers of the Future of Real Estate in Hyderabad Are Due To:

  • Regulatory changes and reforms.

  • Introduction of RERA and GST.

  • Steady demand due to rapid urbanisation throughout India.

  • The increase in household income.

  • Government housing scheme to help the lower income groups.

  • Availability of affordable houses.

The report also mentions that the future of real estate in Hyderabad needs more technology-related investments. These investments will make the sector more efficient. The four significant technological revolutions that will impact all stakeholders alike are Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain.

Let’s Find out About How the Property Adviser Makes It Easy for You to Buy a Home Using a Data-Driven Approach by Implementing the Future of Big Data in Real Estate

Property Advisers is a property directory. We visit, validate and list all under-construction and ready to move residential projects in Hyderabad.

By offering highly customised services to target the right customer with the right offer, they provide a trust-worthy service regarding the accurate information on properties. One can easily find the best feature that matches their preferences through this portal. Make more informed decisions based on real data to feel more confident and satisfied with the choices you make in finding your dream home. 

You can get the information about the different projects in Hyderabad online.

Many websites list properties online. These portals have paid listings. Even though you will find the projects of many prominent builders here, it is still hard to decide due to information that is not updated, duplicates, and so on. You have to rely on offline sources to get the information. Nowadays the analysts mainly compile the data necessary for their analyses from a host of sources they must themselves find and assess Big data real estate applications usually run in the background and generate output for analysts in the form of smart data Information searches and data gathering

The process of shortlisting a house to buy becomes time-consuming and complicated.

Do you put away the property search for a later date as you are short of time?

Do you look for a reliable source that can give you complete information on all parameters to shortlist your dream home?

Property Adviser (www.propertyadviser.in) was started to address the problem of the non-availability or lack of authenticated and verified future of real estate in Hyderabad data. We make buying a home, a secure, data-driven, and assisted decision.

Do you look for quality and trust while buying a house?

The two key concerns in the mind of a buyer are quality of construction and delivery of the project on time.

So, how can we help you find builders who are quality conscious and stick to project timelines?

To understand the quality and construction schedule, we visit properties monthly and gather information about the progress, take photos and upload them to our website.

By checking the progress photos and updates, you understand more about the quality and timeliness without spending time, effort, and money.

The data-driven updates help you evaluate projects based on the set conditions and decide to buy or not to buy a house in a particular project.

What’s more?

There are certain unique features like adding projects shortlisted to your favourites page, saving your searches, comparing three different properties side-by-side and so on.

Though these features are available to registered users, you can register for free to avail the service.

Also, we provide portfolio advisory services for a nominal fee. More about our portfolio advisory services is explained here.

So, How Do We Do All This?

We make use of Big data real estate to provide all these services to you. The future of big data in Real Estate is considered to be the Next Big Thing in the IT world. Its outburst took place in the first decade of the 21st century. The first organisations to embrace it was mainly done online and startup firms like Google, eBay, LinkedIn, and Facebook grabbed this opportunity first and started to build their products around Big data real estate from the beginning. Similar to many latest and upcoming information technologies. With the future of big data in Real Estate, the big data had considerably reduced costs with its extraordinary improvements in the allotted time frame to perform a computing task or to launch any new product or give exceptional service offerings.

The quantity of data generated every second; in this context, we are addressing Zettabyte or more. Big data real estate performs this task to convert such Hadoop data into valuable information. When it comes to the Data that is generated by machines, human interaction on systems, and networks the volume of data to be analysed becomes massive.

Our smart engine called Real Estate Analytics Intelligence Smart Engine (RAISE) is the future of real estate in Hyderabad that helps to analyse and present data that is relevant to you.

It is useful to buyers, builders, sellers, investors, real estate enthusiasts, and so on.

What Is the Future of Big Data in Real Estate and How Is It Useful?

‘Big Data’ is a large volume of data. It is comparable to ‘small data’, but in vast quantities of size. For the sake of holding massive data. It requires different innoc\vative approaches like  Techniques, tools and architecture. It is very much usable in the future of big data in real estate, as Its main aim is to solve distinct problems or long-standing problems in a better possible way. It mainly works to generate value for its customers from the data storage and process vast quantities of digital information in a very less time, which is either way not to be scrutinised with traditional computing techniques.

Possessing access to big data, real estate is not beneficial unless until you can turn it into value. Companies that want to enhance the future of real estate in Hyderabad are commencing to produce astounding amount from their big data real estate.  They are operating by discovering a consumer preference or sentiment by this acquired information. To showcase a relevant offer based on their keen interests like excellent location, amenities, market growth analysis, and much more.

But it doesn’t say that big data real estate has any challenges. There arises a set of obstacles for it as well. The real big data real estate challenge is a mortal one which mainly depends on the capability of learning to ask the right questions. A person must be able to recognise the rightful patterns to make informed decisions and must predict the outcomes based on the behavior. They should analyse whether the results given are meaningful for the problem or not? 

All of this is about data quality and understandability for the future of big data in real estate. Particularly in automated decision-making, where there is no human involved anymore, one needs to be convinced that both the data and the analyses are giving legal actions. Examine an answer into its significance and to comprehend out what the right question was takes all the skills required. Variability is frequently mixed with variety. Means say you visit a cafe regularly that sells 10 varieties of coffee. This is called diversification. Now imagine you go to that cafe five days in a row and every day you order the same type of coffee, but every other day it tastes and smells different. That is variability. Variability means that the meaning is changing. This is a crucial part of the big data real estate sector for a customized experience. Making all that vast amount of data comprehensible in a manner that is easy to understand and read. 

There Are Many Applications of “Big Data” That You Are Witnessing Now!

Big data real estate is used in data analysis in novel ways to produce useful insights or goods and services that provide value to consumers. An example of big data is the search based prediction used by companies like “Amazon” and “Netflix”.

Earlier, data was collected and used for the purpose for which it was collected. Therefore, it was more static before. Now, we see that the data has many uses. It has become the raw material for most businesses, fuelling the way forward by providing solutions to people’s day-to-day problems.

For example, Google doesn’t stop at providing search results.

At Property Adviser, we are using data that we collected for the past three years to help connect stakeholders in the future of real estate in Hyderabad.

We bring transparency to real estate transactions.

For example, we publish historical prices, photos, and provide detailed monthly updates about every project on our website.

We predict and customize the data for the user. We use big data real estate to make people more aware of the projects they can buy.

The real estate developers can use big data real estate to satisfy their customers’ needs. They get customer insights into the search patterns while buying a property.

If the sellers can step into their customer’s shoes and understand them better, they can offer better products and services. Therefore, the big data real estate sector helps in decreasing ambiguity and risk for the buyers and empowers the sellers to personalize their product offering.

However, Big Data Alone Does Not Possess an Equal Impact on Every Field and Sales Division in the Future of Real Estate in Hyderabad

Giving a 100% transparent customer service is mainly done by the on the local ground expertise of workforce to ensure they provide the better fit, high quality and personalized offers for clients which they can’t simply resist. Big data real estate strategies can produce financial, investment and market insights that help with assessing risks and making decisions. Big Data usually make research redundant as a market segment. Researchers can only use essential data in real estate to supplement their work. With the usage of  BigData research will enhance to be more prominent as a result. Quality will progress in the research sector, along with the work of researchers. 

Are you eager to know more about such innovative updates in the real estate sector? Browse PropertyAdviser.in, India’s first-ever property directory to find all the required accurate information to find properties in Hyderabad and the latest real estate news in a customised, user-friendly portal.

By: Lotus Tech & Govi