ORR to obtain more trauma centers

ORR to obtain more trauma centers 

The State government is broadening the trauma care facility in the ORR with six new trauma care centers at Medchal, Pedda Golkonda, Raviryal, Taramatipet, Kollur, and Sultanpur intercourse adding to the already established ten centers. 

Accident victims will be attended by staff with medical and paramedical personnel and later be moved to a TCC or a hospital as per their situation. There are additional complimentary emergency services to tend people. 

Apollo Hospital provides an ambulance at each center, facilitating rapid relief in road accidents on the ORR, as exclaimed by the officials of the Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited (HGCL). The facility was initiated in October 2020 and has followed 907 complaints, saved 147 lives, and curbed the death percentage.  

Control rooms are set up for monitoring and providing continuous services. A person can receive emergency medical care on the ORR by calling the toll-free number (1066) for ORR Trauma Care Operations. 

HGCL norms state that the accident victim should receive first aid within 20 minutes; otherwise, the agency will be required to pay penalties up to Rs 20,000 for every 10-minute delay.