How Project Historical Construction Photos Helps in Decision making?

buying a house is a project that takes time. there are many factors to consider and if you have lots of choices, deciding if a home is the best fit is not easy.

also, buying a house in hyderabad involves a massive investment. therefore, the quality of construction plays a vital role in deciding which house to buy.

how do you find out if the builder of a house has used excellent materials for constructing the house?

do you visit the site? how can you make out if it meets the quality standards you have in mind?

is frequently visiting the building feasible? we all know that it takes a lot of time and effort.

therefore, our team at property advisers collect and display information about the property from the first stage of construction to the finishing stage.

how do we do it?

we visit the property multiple times, collect information and also take pictures. we post these pictures on you can find all the construction photos in chronological order.

what do these photos show?

the pictures show the different stages of construction, quality of materials used, work-in-progress photos to check if the building work is progressing as per schedule and also per the agreed plan.

these photos also show the layout of the house, including the interiors of different rooms, bathroom fittings, external elevation, common areas, parking spaces, and so on.

how does it help you?

if you are a registered user (click here to know how to register for free), you can log in to, choose the newly constructed property in hyderabad and see all the photos taken on the project site from the beginning of construction.\

it saves you time as you don’t have to visit the project frequently to find out about the progress. also, you can check the same details for all short-listed properties online.

property adviser representatives visit each project monthly to get exclusive updates directly from the project site.

you get to know if the construction is on schedule and the completion status just by logging into from the comfort of your home/office.

we have all the historical information stored on our website, you can even track the past performance.

moreover, the comments section of each project is updated every month too. the builder introduces offers, provides construction status updates, confirms availability, and so on.

you will find the information convenient and useful when you are trying to shortlist projects.

do you want to design concepts to suit your family requirements?

the project photos also contain interiors and exteriors photos to show your family and friends.

the actual project photos help to plan for your family requirements well in advance. for example, if you are looking for a separate pooja room or a more spacious kitchen, you can see photos uploaded on the website to find out if it suits your requirements.

as the cost of modification (even minor changes) inside the house must be borne by the buyer. it helps to know how the house looks before you decide to buy.

therefore, the availability of historical data helps you in making quick and well-informed decisions to buy a best home in hyderabad.

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by: lotus tech