660-Metre Skywalk To Ease Traffic Congestion At Uppal

skywalk to ease traffic congestion at Uppal

660-Metre Skywalk To Ease Traffic Congestion At Uppal

The long-awaited 660-meter skywalk at the busy Uppal junction is proceeding rapidly and will mostly finish by May 2022, said an official. 

Being constructed by HMDA under the Metro Rail structure, the loop-shaped facility is an unusual engineering achievement. 

Officials said, “The columns of the structure have been laid and 60 percent of the deck portion has been built for the facility, which is estimated to cost about ₹35 crores." 

It connects all four sides of the Uppal junction and is incorporated with the Metro station at concourse level, bus stops, and commercial installations. The skywalk has six entries and exits. 

The skywalk has many facilities, including eight lifts, four escalators, and six staircases facilitating pedestrian movement in numerous ways. 

The width is 3 to 4 meters with swells to 6 meters at a few spans while the all-around height is 9.25 meters.  

HMDA engineers said the foundation was of Reinforced Cement Concrete and the columns and deck were of steel. 

The skywalk will ensure pedestrian safety along with easing traffic. 

Uppal’s surge 

The State Government’s GRID policy is making Eastern Hyderabad, especially Uppal areas, a busy location with IT companies, commercial establishments, and residential buildings, increasing traffic density. 


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